How Can You Get Defined Abs for Men?


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Men can sculpt defined abdominal muscles through an effective mix of healthy dieting and exercise. These actions work together simultaneously to build the abdominal muscles and decrease a man's body fat percentage to make the muscular outlines of his abdomen visible. Targeted abdominal exercises, such as leg raises, ball sit-ups with dumbbells and prone ball roll-outs, help define abdominal muscles.

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How Can You Get Defined Abs for Men?
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To decrease body fat percentage, men should eat a diet low in carbohydrates and engage in a thorough weight-training program aimed to build total-body muscle mass. Muscle requires more caloric energy to function and keeps the body at a high metabolic rate several hours after a workout session has been completed. Cardiovascular exercise only burns fat during and shortly after completing the exercise, making it less effective than bodybuilding. Cardiovascular routines and weight lifting can be combined into an aggressive circuit training session.

When reducing carbohydrates, weight training must be carefully managed to avoid over-training the muscles. Men should lift the optimum weight level they are able to handle and avoid falling into the habit of switching to lighter weights with higher repetitions. Over the long run, this behavior can cause lean muscle mass to decline, which eventually lowers a man's resting metabolic rate.

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