Can Deep Vein Thrombosis Be Cured?


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Deep vein thrombosis is cured or effectively treated with the use of blood thinners, thrombolytics and vena cava filters when needed, notes the Mayo Clinic. Compression stockings are often prescribed to prevent swelling and reduce the chances of blood clotting and pooling in the legs.

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Can Deep Vein Thrombosis Be Cured?
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Blood thinners work to ensure that existing clots do not get bigger but do not break up existing clots, according to the Mayo Clinic. Patients are often given heparin injections to begin treatment for deep vein thrombosis. Thrombolytics are only used on blood clots that are life-threatening, as they can cause serious bleeding. Thrombolytics are given intravenously or through a catheter to break up blood clots. Vena cava filters are used for people who cannot take blood thinners. They are inserted into the vein and block the clot from traveling to the lungs.

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