How Can You Cure Trigger Thumb?


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Stretching exercises, rest, ice, heat, splint usage, steroid injections, percutaneous release and surgery are used to treat trigger fingers, according to Mayo Clinic. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as naproxen and ibuprofen, relieve trigger finger pain but typically don't relieve swelling.

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Gentle stretching exercises suggested by a doctor help maintain finger mobility, and avoiding activities that require repeated grasping and gripping for at least three to four weeks can sometimes resolve a trigger finger, states Mayo Clinic. Icing and soaking the palm several times a week first thing in the morning also improves a trigger finger. Wearing a splint at night for up to six weeks rests the finger tendon by preventing the finger from curling while sleeping.

A steroid injection into or near the tendon sheath allows the tendon to move freely and reduces inflammation, explains Mayo Clinic. This is the first line of invasive treatment for a trigger finger, and it is typically effective. Patients with diabetes may need a second injection to receive the same results. Percutaneous release is a medical procedure that eases tendon movement by using a needle to break apart affected tissue. Surgery treats a trigger thumb by cutting open the constricted area of the tendon sheath with a small incision near the base of the thumb.

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