How Can You Cure Toothache Pain at Home?


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Toothache pain can be treated at home by using warm water to rinse the mouth, using eugenol or an over-the-counter antiseptic, taking over-the-counter pain medications and using dental floss to get rid of plague. These measures can be used prior to seeing a dentist, as stated by Mayo Clinic. However, using these measures does not guarantee a cure.

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How Can You Cure Toothache Pain at Home?
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Any case of toothache will need the attention of a dentist to identify the main cause. It is advisable to be careful while using an over-the-counter antiseptic that contains benzocaine. This is because benzocaine is linked to a condition called methemoglobinemia, which is known to reduce the quantity of oxygen in the bloodstream. Prior to using this medication, a patient should first consult a dentist. Children age 2 and younger should not be given such medication without a talking to a dentist, according to Mayo Clinic.

A toothache can be caused by different conditions, including an earache, sinusitis, an injury, heart attack, tooth decay and an abscessed tooth, notes the National Institutes of Health's MedlinePlus. Most common cause of a toothache is usually tooth decay, which occurs due to poor dental hygiene. It is necessary to visit a dentist if the pain persists or when other symptoms appear.

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