What Can You Do to Cure Stomach Gas?


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Staying away from foods that normally cause gas, modifying eating habits, and taking over-the-counter digestive medications provide relief from stomach gas. The specific foods that cause gas can vary widely from one person to the other, according to Everyday Health.

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What Can You Do to Cure Stomach Gas?
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Vegetables, such as onions and broccoli; fruits, such as apples and pears; whole grains; and dairy products are among the most common producers of gas. These items have sugars, starches and fiber that do not absorb or digest quickly, leading to the formation of gas in the intestines. Additionally, some people turn gassy after drinking carbonated sodas or fruit beverages. Keeping a food diary helps people identify the foods (and combinations of foods) that cause gas, notes Everyday Health.

Slowing down during drinking and eating cuts down on the amount of air that people ingest. Drinking before meals instead of during them helps the stomach retain more acids and digest food more effectively. Digestive aids, such as Beano, contain enzymes that help the body break down sugars in beans and vegetables, cutting down intestinal gas. Activated charcoal is another medical treatment that helps to reduce stomach gas. Removing the artificial sweetener sorbitol from the diet also reduces gas, as stated by Everyday Health.

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