Can You Cure Stomach Fungus With Dietary Changes?


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Stomach and intestinal infections involving the Candida genus of yeasts are often successfully treated by removing sugar from the diet for six months. Candida normally lives in the intestine but sometimes grows out of control and causes a fungal infection called candidiasis, according to U.S. News.

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Fungal infections in the digestive tract potentially endanger the immune system, leading to a number of medical issues. These include allergies, sensitivity to food, alterations in mood, neurological confusion and autoimmune disorders, notes U.S. News.

Eliminating sugar from the diet means some extreme changes because this includes fructose and such starchy carbohydrate sources as potatoes and yams. This diet restricts choices to green vegetables, a particular list of meats and some nuts. It is difficult to sustain this regimen, particularly for six months, states U.S. News.

Fortunately there are other ways to combat candidiasis, as well. Reducing stress is particularly important because stress affects the body's stores of cortisol. The body produces more cortisol during times of stress, which breaks down the antibody that normally shields the linings of the intestines, digestive tract and lungs. As cortisol destroys this antibody, fungi, bacteria and food leak from the intestines into the bloodstream, setting the stage for candidiasis and other problems. Managing stress potentially keeps this from happening, states U.S. News.

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