How Can You Cure Plantar Fasciitis?


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Standing on the affected leg while barefoot with the foot on a box and the heel hanging over the edge, with a rolled-up T-shirt under the toes, starts an exercise that cures plantar fasciitis for many people, according to the New York Times. This outperformed the stretching regimen typically recommended.

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How Can You Cure Plantar Fasciitis?
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After assuming the initial position, the person suffering from plantar fasciitis slowly elevates and lowers the heel, lifting for three seconds, holding at the top for two seconds and lowering for three seconds. After the patient performs 12 repetitions with relative ease, putting on a weighted backpack adds difficulty. The exercise should take place every other day, as stated by the New York Times.

After three months of this regimen, those performing the exercise reported significant improvements as lack of function and pain had both improved significantly. The standard stretching regimen produced little relief after three months, although it did work after nine more months, notes the New York Times.

The good news from this program is that there is an exercise that benefits this tissue, and the shorter healing time means that this painful condition has less impact on quality of life. Three months represents a much shorter time than the five months to a year that many runners were taking to recover, reports the New York Times.

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