How Can You Cure an Itchy Ear Canal?


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You can cure an itchy ear canal using vegetable or mineral oils, water and alcohol. Curing an itchy ear canal involves relieving itchiness, eliminating debris from the ear canal, and killing infectious agents according to Heal Cure. To ease any pain, you can use a warm washcloth, says WebMD.

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How Can You Cure an Itchy Ear Canal?
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To cure itchiness, you can apply a few drops of warm mineral or vegetable oils to help avoid dryness as well as keep moisture off the ear. Olive oil can help fight dry itch as well as remove flakes from the ear. Besides, you can apply coconut oil or tea tree oil to help kill infectious agents and soothe any irritation, says Heal Cure.

On the other, you can use water and alcohol to kill any bugs and remove debris from the ear canal. You can inject water and alcohol into the canal using an ear syringe to reach the deep-seated debris and insects in the ear canal, says Heal Cure. You can also add white vinegar and saline to the mixture to improve the effectiveness. If the itchy ear canal is also painful, you can use a warm washcloth to melt the ear wax and relieve pain, according to WebMD.

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