How Can You Cure Fungus Growth in the Lungs?


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A fungal infection of the lungs is most commonly cured through a class of drugs known as azoles, according to Patient.co.uk. In the case of patients who have weakened immune systems from chemotherapy or another cause, that must be addressed as well. Surgery may be required in the worst cases.

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Fungal infections of the lungs are rare in industrialized countries, except in the case of people with weakened immune systems, reports Patient.co.uk. Infections are more prevalent in locations where the species of fungi that cause these diseases are common. Bird, bat and rodent droppings are very common vectors in areas where these fungi are endemic. Men are more vulnerable to infection, as estrogen is thought to inhibit the growth of the fungi that are prone to grow in the lungs.

Fever is a common symptom of the growth of fungus in the lungs, and a prolonged fever in people with weakened immune systems indicates that fungal infections should be investigated, states Patient.co.uk. A dry cough is also a common symptom. Complications from fungal infections can lead to pneumonia, allergy and asthma-like symptoms. If left untreated, fungal growth in the lungs can spread to other systems in the body, including the brain.

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