How Can You Cure an Earache?

can-cure-earache Credit: Marilyn Conway/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

An earache can be treated and potentially cured by applying a warm washcloth to the ear and using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, or NSAIDs, to reduce the pain, explains WebMD. Physicians may also recommend the use of prescription eardrops to eliminate infections and bacteria in the ears.

People with earaches should rest frequently to help their bodies fight the infection, according to WebMD.

Individuals who have earaches can also alternate heat and cold packs placed on the outer ear for 20-minute intervals to reduce pain, Medline Plus suggests. Some people feel relief by chewing to reduce the pain and pressure caused by an ear infection. Read all the labels, especially if a child is taking the medicine.

Earache sufferers typically experience pain and fever, explains Medline Plus. Children or infants with earaches may cry more often or be extremely fussy and irritable due to the pain. Earaches are caused by a variety of conditions, such as an ear injury, changes in pressure, a hole in the ear drum or a tooth infection. Some people experience earaches when battling a sore throat, sinus infection or build up of ear wax.

Patients should consult with a physician if a child or adult experiences swelling around the ear, dizziness, high fevers or severe pain, warns Medline Plus. In addition, a consult with a doctor is necessary if the symptoms or pain do not improve within 24 to 48 hours.