How Can You Cure a Bladder Infection?


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According to Mayo Clinic, doctors use antibiotics to cure bladder infections. WebMD highlights that there is a possibility that consuming cranberry can clear a bladder infection.

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How Can You Cure a Bladder Infection?
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As Mayo Clinic states, uncomplicated bladder infections usually need three to seven days of antibiotic treatment. Although symptoms may clear in less time, it is essential to finish the prescribed course of antibiotics to ensure they do not return. Some doctors prescribe painkillers to manage the pelvic pain associated with bladder infections. In addition, those who have a severe bladder infection may require IV antibiotics in a hospital.

Mayo Clinic suggests ways for patients to address their symptoms at home. Drinking plenty of water flushes out the bacteria. In addition, avoiding caffeine, alcohol and other drinks that irritate the bladder can reduce pain and lessen the frequent need to urinate. For pelvic pain, Mayo Clinic recommends applying a warm heating pad to the affected area.

While there are a number of alternative remedies for bladder infections, WebMD states that cranberry is the only one with evidence supporting its efficacy as of 2014. As Mayo Clinic states, drinking cranberry juice appears to be more effective in women than men. It also agrees that there's no harm in trying this remedy although patients need to remain mindful of the calories it contains.

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