How Can I Take Creatine, and When Can I Start Seeing Results?


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According to Men's Health, most people take creatine in the form of powder. It can be mixed into liquids or smoothies as a workout-boosting beverage. Creatine helps bodies create energy, which in turn helps create muscle mass. People looking to gain muscle will see faster results with creatine than without it.

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Men's Health states that creatine's energy-boosting powers help people do more reps and lift more pounds. It is most effective when combined with high-intensity training and explosive activities like running. It may be less potent when combined with aerobic activities and endurance exercises.

Creatine does enable people to gain weight quickly. According to Men's Health, creatine is "osmatically active." This means that it draws water into the muscle cells. This in turn causes protein synthesis, which leads to the production of muscle. To take advantage of creatine's muscle-boosting capabilities, however, people need to go to the gym. If creatine is not combined with weight lifting or other activities, any weight gain will just be made of water.

Men's Health suggests that creatine has few downsides. Studies on the effectiveness and safety of the drug have concluded that it is largely harmless. However, people who can build muscle mass without it may want to avoid it. Children under the age of 18 should avoid it altogether.

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