How Can You Get a CPR Card Online for Free?

To get a free Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation card online, do some research, enroll in an online course, complete the coursework and receive the card. Taking an online course is both cost-effective and time-saving when trying to learn the basics of life support, notes

CPR is a technique that is often used to help people who experience emergencies such as heart attack and near-drowning, notes A CPR card acts as proof that an individual has the skill to provide emergency first aid. To get this type of card, do the following:

  1. Do some research
  2. Talk to emergency providers such as the Red Cross for more information on how to obtain free CPR cards. Some research can also take place by browsing through online resources, including articles and blogs.

  3. Enroll in an online program
  4. Compare the various online programs offering free CPR training courses and enroll in one. Some examples of websites that may offer such a course include and

  5. Complete the course
  6. Take part in all the coursework provided by the online program. Be diligent in asking questions whenever something is not clear. The course usually ends after students have taken exams.

  7. Receive the card
  8. After successfully completing the course, the online course provider will send a free CPR card by mail. The program may also provide a free printable card.