How Can You Correct Your Blood Sugar Levels?


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The best way to correct blood sugar levels is through changing diet, exercising regularly and visiting the doctor periodically. Dietary changes are the first thing a doctor usually advises diabetics to implement. This not only helps to provide the body with the necessary nutrients, but helps immensely is reducing blood sugar levels.

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Carbohydrates are the main food group that tend to increase blood sugar levels. Also, some healthy carbohydrates can trigger an increase in blood sugar levels if not managed well. Emphasizing low glycemic index foods is essential since they are less likely to elevate sugar levels. These include beans, steel-cuts oats, non-starchy vegetables and stone-ground wheat, as stated by Healthline.

Limiting high glycemic index foods when trying to regulate blood sugar is helpful. Such foods include popcorn, pumpkin, white rice, white bread and instant oatmeal. However, some high glycemic index foods can be eaten when the blood sugar level is standard.

Regular exercise is an essential part of curbing high blood sugar levels. As much as 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 days a week can make a significant difference. Simple activities, such as cycling, brisk walking, elliptical machine use and swimming can be very helpful. Monitoring blood sugar regularly is also necessary to track personal progress, according to Healthline. Talking to a doctor helps a patient to know what is and is not working in a person's regimen.

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