What Can CoQ10 Be Used to Treat?


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Health professionals recommend coenzyme Q10 supplements for treating ailments ranging from periodontal disease and muscular dystrophy to cancer and heart failure, according to WebMD. Others recommend it to speed recovery following exercise or to boost energy while reducing the damage to the body caused by some medicines.

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What Can CoQ10 Be Used to Treat?
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The body naturally makes CoQ10, which it uses to make energy that it needs for proper maintenance and cell growth, notes WebMD. CoQ10 also works as an antioxidant, protecting the body from the damage that free radicals cause. Foods are a source of small amounts of natural CoQ10, particularly organ meats such as kidney, liver and heart, and foods such as peanuts, mackerel, sardines and soy oils. Although many health professionals recommend CoQ10, there is limited evidence as to its efficacy for the various disorders and conditions it's purported to treat.

Taking up to 100 milligrams of CoQ10 has been associated with mild insomnia in some people, reports WebMD. Elevation of liver enzymes was noted in people taking doses over 300 milligrams daily. Other side effects noted with CoQ10 supplementation include headache, heartburn, irritability, fatigue and sensitivity to light. Upper abdominal pain, nausea and rashes were also reported side effects of CoQ10 users. In addition, CoQ10 can affect the body’s response to certain medicines, including medicines that lower blood sugar, thin the blood or decrease cholesterol.

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