How Can You Control Blood Sugar Naturally?


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Natural methods for controlling blood sugar levels include eating foods rich in fiber and antioxidants, consuming healthy fats, dealing with stress and getting moderate exercise, according to SFGate. Magnesium and chromium are natural supplements that lower blood sugar levels for many people.

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Dietary fiber keeps blood sugar levels stable by slowing down the digestion process. The fiber makes emptying the stomach take longer, which also slows the absorption of carbohydrates. Insoluble fiber also sends waste out of the body more quickly. Such foods as spinach, broccoli and green beans are ideal, but whole fruits are beneficial as well, reports SFGate.

Some studies show that diabetics have high levels of free radicals and low amounts of antioxidants that fight those free radicals. Left to roam the system, these molecules harm cells and lead to disease. Foods rich in zinc, selenium and vitamin E, such as cherries, tomatoes, bell peppers and blueberries, contain antioxidants that fight this type of damage, as stated by SFGate.

Adopting a moderate exercise regimen of 30 to 60 minutes of exercise, three to four times a week, is instrumental in either preventing or managing diabetes. Different fitness levels merit different exercise regimens, so patients should ask their doctors to help them set an initial fitness plan. Combined with stress management techniques, exercise makes blood sugar levels steadier and more manageable, notes SFGate.

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