How Can You Comfort Sore and Itchy Eyes?


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Depending on the cause, sore and itchy eyes can be soothed by compresses and medications. According to WebMD, itchy eyes may result from allergies, so treating the allergies by taking antihistamines orally or using antihistamine eye drops helps reduce the symptoms. Cold compresses may also ease eye discomfort. All About Vision suggests removing contact lenses and using eye drops that contain nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories or corticosteroids to decrease swelling and inflammation.

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According to the Eye Institute, itchy, sore eyes can also be a symptom of an eye infection or conjunctivitis. The symptoms are soothed by applying a warm compress to the eyes, according to WebMD, using a clean compress for each eye and for each application to avoid spreading the infection. WebMD also recommends removing and cleaning contact lenses and wearing glasses until the infection goes away. Additionally, to further avoid spreading any infection, patients should clean the eyes by wiping from the nose to the outside of the eye with a clean washcloth, tissue or wipe and washing hands immediately after wiping the eyes. Used tissues and wipes should immediately be put in the trash and washcloths should be laundered to avoid infecting others. The Eye Institute recommends seeing a doctor whenever there is pain in the eyes, especially if it does not subside.

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