How Can You Come up With Good Comebacks for Insults?


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A person can come up with a good response to an insult by considering the source of the insult and then developing a question that addresses it. People who insult other people usually do so because they have qualities within themselves that they do not like.

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The insulted person has the choice to either deliver a “comeback” from the insult or ignore the insult altogether. Ignoring the insult works for people who insult just to garner attention. The alternative reaction, thinking of a comeback, could help both parties to get to the root of the problem.

The insulted party wants the comeback to have a question included to find out why the insulter feels the way he or she feels. For example, one person may call the other person stupid or dumb. The insulted person would then want to ask the insulter a question such as, “What have I done to give you the impression that I am unintelligent?” The person could even expand on that question by asking the insulter if he or she has seen some specific test results that placed the insulted person in the “stupid” category. The goal is to get the insulter to open up and admit what the true issue is. Some people insult other people because they are jealous of a quality or possession that the other person has.

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