Where Can You Get Colored Braces?


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Brace brackets, the metal part, are typically the same color: silver. However, patients can request specific ligature colors and combinations from an orthodontist or dentist. Ligatures are the small colored bands that keep the wire attached to the brackets. A ligatures goes onto each tooth with a bracket. So a willing provider could theoretically place a different ligature color on each tooth for a unique look.

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Ligatures are small elastics rings that hold the archwire in place with the brackets on each teeth. Rubber bands are larger and meant to apply pressure to the jaw to correct bite alignment and reduce overbite or underbite.

Most orthodontists offer many color options for ligatures. One popular version manufactured and retailed by 3M shows 25 different colors on their site including standard colors, metallic colors and neon colors. Silver, extreme green, Mediterranean blue, hot red and plum crazy are only a small sample of the many available options.

The rubber bands that align jaw bite also come in different colors, but less options exist in this arena. Rubber bands are usually placed along the lateral bite from upper to lower jaw on the sides of the mouth. They are not as visible as ligatures. So when asking for colored braces, choosing ligature options provides the highest degree of freedom.

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