Where Can You Find Colon Cancer Photos Online?


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Websites such as MedicineNet.com and WomensVoicesForChange.org show photographs of actual and simulated colon cancer growths. Understanding what colon cancer looks like is part of learning about this potentially fatal illness.

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Some pictures of colon cancer also show polyps. These are growths that form from the tissue that lines the rectum and colon. While the majority of these growths are benign and remain benign, the possibility exists for them to become cancerous, so removing them as early as possible is desirable, according to MedicineNet.com.

Some photographs of colon cancer use X-ray imagery to show what tumors actually look like inside the bowel. One common formation is the "apple core" type of tumor that causes the colon to narrow. Technicians use liquid barium to provide contrast in the colon, reports MedicineNet.com.

Some websites, such as WomensVoicesForChange.org, provide medical information. Photographs of colon cancer on that website give people perspective about the importance of regular screening. The images on the pages about colon cancer screening show what a polyp looks like both before and after removal. The pictures show the importance of thorough preparation before colonoscopy, as a clean colon is much easier to examine for growths, notes WomensVoicesForChange.org. The picture of cancerous growths inside the colon shows the importance of early screening and treatment, as the dangers of colon cancer appear vividly in the contrast between a clean colon and one with tumors inside.

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