How Can Coconut Oil Benefit Type 1 Diabetics?


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Coconut oil provides minimal benefits for people with type 1 diabetes because this type of diabetes is highly insulin dependent. The beta cells in the pancreas are attacked by a compromised immune system, making natural production of insulin near impossible.

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Type 1 diabetes, also called insulin dependent diabetes, is only partially improved by losing excess weight. Coconut oil can aid in that aspect of the overall treatment to lessen the amount of insulin required on a daily basis, but is unable to eliminate the need for insulin. Type 1 diabetes is typically passed down genetically from one family member to another, notes Medicinenet. Type 1 diabetes is more common in those under 30 and lean in stature.

In order to maintain a healthy handle on type 1 diabetes, blood sugar levels must be kept within the target range, according to WebMD.com. Coconut oil does not appear to have this type of reaction within the pancreas when consumed as part of a regular dietary supplement. While some blogs and social media sites have personal testimonies singing high praise for coconut oil aiding the control of their type 1 diabetes, more studies are required and the FDA would need more information directly linking the benefits. As of 2014, there have not been any official studies released.

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