Where Can You Take a Clinical Depression Test Online?


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Online clinical depression screenings are available on PsychCentral.com, PsychTests.com, Depression.org.nz, MentalHealthAmerica.net and NHS.uk. These tests help to check for depression symptoms but are not meant as a diagnosis of clinical depression. It's recommended that someone feeling these symptoms should visit a mental health professional.

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Where Can You Take a Clinical Depression Test Online?
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The depression screening test on PsychCentral.com lists 18 statements. The answers to these statements use a scale to determine how closely a person's feelings and actions over the past week match each statement. The test is intended to be supplemental to visiting a doctor, using it to track a person's mood each week. The test on PsychTests.com helps to determine if someone is at risk of developing depression and also checks whether a person's mindset makes him more prone to mental illness.

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