What Can I Do to Clear up Mucus in My Throat?


Throat mucus can be controlled by changes to the diet, gargling with salt water and removing allergens from the environment that cause the mucus build-up in the first place, according to Native Remedies. Caused by post-nasal drip, cold and flu, an allergic reaction or sinusitis, throat mucus can occur along with other symptoms or on its own.

Some foods consistently cause problems with continual mucus development in some people, according to Native Remedies. Milk and various milk products, such as cheese, yogurt and butter, are the leading culprits of excess throat mucus. Other common mucus-causing foods include sugar, caffeine, salt and herbal and non-herbal teas. Removing these items from the diet can provide relief in a matter of days.

Honey, ginger, cayenne pepper, wasabi and chili peppers are all popular natural remedies to combat mucus in the throat, according to Native Remedies. By adding these to foods to one's diet on a regular basis, it's possible to alleviate some of the symptoms of phlegm in the throat. Staying very hydrated by drinking plenty of water also helps to clear out throat mucus. Using a warm salt water gargle or steaming the face over a pot of hot water with a few drops of eucalyptus oil added to it are also two simple solutions that help relieve throat mucus.