How Can You Clean Your System Fast?


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To cleanse his system, a person should participate in a detox diet. These diets consist of a period of fasting followed by a strict diet, which is limited to foods such as raw vegetables, fruit and herbal juices.

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A person's body naturally undertakes a detoxification process. This process removes harmful substances from the colon and liver. However, to enhance this detoxification process, a person can choose to undertake a detox diet. There are different time periods required to complete this program, but three days is the general minimum. During this period, a person avoids processed foods and consumes raw vegetables, certain fruits and various types of herbal remedies.

Longer detox diets, such as the Martha's Vineyard Diet, are also available. Under this plan, a person drinks certain fluids every two hours and also consumes supplements that promote laxation. Coffee is important in a detox diet because it can help rid the body of unwanted substances.

Detox diets do not come without unwanted side effects, however. A person may experience fatigue and even headaches. Weight loss is also common, but it may only be temporary. No matter the detox plan chosen, all diets consist primarily of organic vegetables, fruits, homemade soups and antioxidant beverages.

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