How Can You Get Free Cigarette Coupons?

The best place to get free cigarette coupons is directly from the manufacturer of a particular brand, as of 2015. Manufacturers such as Marlboro and Camel offer a number of coupons and other promotions on their websites, but also require users to create an account with them for age verification purposes. Alternatively, some discount retailers, such as, offer promotions valid for cigarette purchases.

Tobacco companies are prohibited by U.S. law from marketing their products to minors under 21 years of age. As a result, these companies' websites cannot even be browsed without submitting to an age verification process. Like many other companies, cigarette manufacturers offer email newsletters with printable savings, contests and coupons printable directly from the webpage to users that are old enough to access them. sells its merchandise duty-free, meaning that tax is not added to the purchase price. Since cigarettes are usually taxed heavily, this is a more dramatic discount than it would be for other products. Further savings are possible with promo codes, available from the company's own promotional emails or through third-party sites such as

Additional savings may be found on discount sites such as, which offers savings on a variety of brands including Marlboro, Pall Mall, Virginia Slims, Salem and Newport. The site also includes savings on roll-your-own tobacco products, smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes. However, these savings are limited to links to the individual manufacturer's websites and solicitations to purchase cigarette coupons from one of the site's sponsors. The site offers promo codes to make the purchased coupons less expensive.