Where Can You Find the Chinese Lunar Calendar for Pregnancy?


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Find the Chinese lunar calendar for pregnancy at Chinesefortunecalendar.com and yourchineseastrology.com. The Chinese lunar calendar predicts the sex of a fetus based on the mother's Chinese age and the Chinese lunar month, according to Chinese Fortune Calendar.

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To calculate the mother's Chinese age, add nine months to the mother's age at conception; this number corresponds with the first column as indicated by ParentingWeekly. The Chinese lunar month corresponds to the month of conception; and, it is depicted in the top row. The box where the row and column intersect predicts the sex of the fetus.

The Chinese lunar calendar was originally discovered on a 700-year-old Royal Tomb close to Peking, China, notes ParentingWeekly. The original calendar can be found on display at China's Institute of Science.

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