Can a Child Have Instant Blurred Vision?


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A child can have instant blurred vision in the same way that an adult can, reports WebMD and the University of Iowa Healthcare. Children with instant blurred vision are most likely dealing with a strong headache or migraine, but it can also be a sign of damage to the nerves around the eyes, a sign of a brain tumor or a sign of the condition known as neurofibromatosis.

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Can a Child Have Instant Blurred Vision?
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It is concerning if a child experiences blurred or double vision for longer than a few minutes. If this is the case, the child should be taken to the doctor for further testing to ensure that there are no brain issues, reports Cleveland Clinic and WebMD.

Some children may experience blurred vision in conjunction with double vision. Double vision is not usually a problem, but also has the potential to be serious so WebMD also recommends that children with double vision visit their doctor to see if the child has cornea, lens or muscle problems.

Children who are dealing with blurred vision, may not be capable of explaining the issue to their parents. This is particularly true if the children are younger. Young children might not be able to communicate the feeling or the experience of blurred vision, but they will exhibit behavioral signs that can clue parents into the blurred or double vision issue, writes Cleveland Clinic.

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