Can You Chew Gum With Braces?

It is generally not recommended that patients with braces chew gum, according to Carolina Braces. However, some dentists recommend that patients who must chew gum chew specific types of gum that are nonstick and free from sugar.

Gum and braces usually don't mix because the gum has a tendency to stick to the braces, and this can cause the braces to become loose or even pull them off the teeth. In addition, the sugar in gum can get caught behind and around the braces, leading to cavities or dental caries.

Patients who must have gum may be able to chew certain types of gum. For example, Wrigley's Extra and Freedent gums may be chewable, but it is important to check with an orthodontist prior to chewing it, as some types of braces are still damaged by the gum even though it is nonstick and sugar free, states Carolina Braces.

In addition to avoiding chewing gum, patients with orthodontics must avoid crunch, gooey, hard and sticky foods. For example, taffy and caramels can stick to the orthodontics and pull them from the teeth. Apples and other crunchy foods can knock the braces off the teeth, leading to pain and treatment delays.