How Can You Check Possible Drug Interactions?


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The safest way to check for drug interactions is to discuss any new drugs with a doctor or pharmacist, suggests the Merck Manual. Be sure to disclose over-the-counter drugs or herbal remedies, as these can sometimes interact with prescription drugs.

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Some websites also have online databases that can help you research drug interactions, according to WebMD. These allow you to enter the name of your medications or supplements and receive a list of known interactions. However, these may miss some less common interactions, so they should only be used as a starting point.

Taking more than the recommended dose of your medications or supplements can increase the risk of drug interactions, the Merck Manual reports. Be sure to follow all instructions, and talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you are confused about how or when to take your medication. Be sure to discuss any new medication with your pharmacist before taking it, and try to find a pharmacy that keeps a full profile of medications you are taking. This allows the pharmacist to notice any potential interactions in advance.

Some drugs can also interact with certain conditions, according to the Merck Manual. Be sure that your doctor and pharmacist know your medical history and are aware of any chronic conditions you may have.

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