Where Can You Find a Chart for Calories Burned?


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Charts showing how many calories are burned during an hour of exercise are available at MayoClinic.org and NutriStrategy.com. Health.Harvard.edu offers a chart of calories burned in 30 minutes. Bodybuilding.com offers a lookup tool rather than a chart.

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Where Can You Find a Chart for Calories Burned?
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Mayo Clinic's chart shows calories burned for people weighing 160, 200 and 240 pounds. Walking at 2 mph, a 160-pound person burns 204 calories, someone weighing 200 pounds burns 255 calories, and the 240-pound person burns 305 calories.

NutriStrategy offers calorie burn rates for four weights: 130, 155, 180 and 205 pounds. NutriStrategy's chart is more extensive, offering burn rates for 13 different types and speeds of cycling.

Health.Harvard.edu shows calorie burn rates for people weighing 125, 155 and 185 pounds. Besides exercises, Harvard's chart shows activities such as cooking, childcare, office work at a desk and driving a truck.

Bodybuilding.com's lookup tool allows a user to enter his weight and look up calorie burn rates from 600 types of exercise and activities, such as cardio exercises or self-care activities. Users can also see how many minutes it would take to burn off a desired number of calories.

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