What Can Causes Numbness and Tingling on the Face and Head?

Intracerebral hemorrhage, a common stroke, lateral brain stem damage or a lack of blood supply to the head may cause numbness and tingling on the face and head, notes the University of Dartmouth, Healthline and The New York Times. Treatment depends on the cause of the sensations.

When the numbness and tingling are due to a common stroke, the sensations typically occur on the left side of the head, and a headache and confusion are present, notes The New York Times. In the case of a stroke, the patient must receive medical attention immediately, and even then a full recovery may not be possible. Strokes often leave behind permanent nerve damage.

When the numbness and tingling are due to an intracerebral hemorrhage, immediate medical attention is also necessary, notes Healthline. This type of stroke creates a much quicker blood buildup that leads to irreversible brain damage and includes symptoms such as difficulty using language, vomiting, apathy, delirium and vision loss. This type of injury usually occurs due to head trauma, blood thinner usage, cocaine use, bleeding tumors or a blood clot. It can also occur when there is a ruptured cerebral aneurysm.

It is also possible to experience numbing and tingling sensations in the head when experiencing a headache, but other symptoms should not be present, notes the University of Dartmouth. If other symptoms are present or if the sensation does not go away, then a medical professional should examine the person.