What Can Cause a Woman's Urine to Become Cloudy?


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A woman's urine can become cloudy due to sexually transmitted infections, certain autoimmune diseases, vaginal discharge and urinary tract infections, explains Healthgrades. Diseases that affect other body systems in addition to the urinary tract, such as diabetes, may also cause cloudy urine in women.

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Mild dehydration may cause cloudy urine, according to MedicineNet. Urine can also become cloudy when it contains pus and blood due to infections of the urinary tract. Yeast vaginitis and sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea may cause urine to appear cloudy.

Blood in urine or sediments from a distended bladder can cause urine to appear cloudy, reports the Mount Sinai Medical Center Urology. If the woman does not empty her bladder completely due to a distended bladder or a bladder obstruction, small particles may build up and form sediments in the bladder that cause urine to appear cloudy. Enterovesicular fistula and kidney stones may also cause cloudy urine.

In some cases, cloudy urine is caused by life-threatening conditions such as urosepsis and pyelonephritis, reports Healthgrades. If cloudy urine occurs with other symptoms such as flank pain, seizures, high fever or a change in alertness, the patient should seek immediate medical attention. If left untreated, these diseases may lead to shock or kidney failure.

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