What Can Cause a Weak Flow of Urine?


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Causes of a weak flow of urine in men include an enlarged prostate gland and urinary tract or prostate infections, according to MedlinePlus. Women experiencing urinary retention may experience weak urine streams, according to University of Colorado Urogynecology. Urinary hesitancy, which means having problems beginning or continuing a urine stream, can occur in both genders at any age, explains MedlinePlus. Other causes include surgical side effects, some medications, scar tissue and disorders of the nervous system.

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Cold and allergy medications, drugs to treat incontinence, tricyclic antidepressants, and certain vitamins and supplements are among the medicines that cause urinary hesitancy, states MedlinePlus. Stricture, or scar tissue in the urethra, the tube that leads from the bladder, can cause dribbling urine. When the cause is an infected prostate or urinary tract, symptoms of the infection include cloudy urine, a sudden urge to urinate, and painful, burning or frequent urination.

Women experiencing urinary retention have symptoms including recurring urinary infections and slow or intermittent urine streams, explains University of Colorado Urogynecology. Causes of urinary retention include vaginal prolapse, when vaginal structures block urine passage by pressing against the urethra, and a hyptonic bladder, one that does not empty completely because it fails to contract correctly. A third cause, dysfunctional voiding, occurs during urination when muscles surrounding the urethra fail to relax, which restricts urine flow.

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