What Can Cause Urine to Turn Bright Yellow?


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Urine can turn bright yellow due to excess vitamin B, beta carotene or high doses of vitamin C, explains Healthline. Beta carotene is a substance that makes vegetables such as carrots orange. Some medications can also turn urine bright yellow or orange, according to Everyday Health.

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The normal color of urine ranges from pale yellow to deep amber, explains Drugs.com. This is as a result of how concentrated or diluted urine is, thanks to a pigment known as urochrome. Taking fluids such as water can dilute the yellow pigment found in urine, meaning that the more water that is drunk, the clearer the urine becomes. Bright yellow urine is not a sign of a disease or infection, but seek medical attention if blood is visible in the urine or if the color gets very dark, stools become paler, and skin and eyes develop a yellow hue.

Other colors that may appear in urine include blue-green, dark orange, brown and pink or red, explains Everyday Health. A blue-green color may be as a result of medications such as laxatives and chemotherapy drugs; dark or orange as a result of bile in the urine; and pink or red as a result of eating red-tinted food.

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