What Can Cause Tingling in Your Fingers?


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Tingling in fingers is a possible sign of a number of different medical issues, including the after effects of a stroke or diabetes, or simply sleeping in an awkward position, according to Dr. Sanjay Gupta for Prevention magazine. Vitamin B12 deficiency, particularly in women over the age of 40, also causes tingly fingers.

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What Can Cause Tingling in Your Fingers?
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Because some of the potential causes of tingling are severe, repeated instances merit a trip to the doctor for a checkup, notes Dr. Gupta. If the tingling is a sign of a past stroke, the tingling occurs only on one side of the body and is often accompanied by weakness, numbness or difficulty finding the right word. When multiple sclerosis causes tingling, blurry vision usually happens as well.

One particularly common reason for tingling in the fingers is sleeping in such a way as to apply pressure to one or both arms. If the hands tingle, but not necessarily the fingers, carpal tunnel syndrome is a possible cause. If the fingers also develop a rash, a viral infection might be causing all of the problems. Tingling occurring in several different places at once is a potential sign of diabetes or a deficiency of one or more vitamins including B12, which is important for nerve and brain health. Keeping a journal of tingling events helps the doctor determine the cause with more accuracy, explains Dr. Gupta.

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