What Can Cause Severe Acne in Adults?


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Severe cases of adult acne result from such causes as stress, hormonal changes and as a side effect from some medications, according to WebMD. Visiting a dermatologist is the best way to figure out which cause is relevant to one's own case.

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What Can Cause Severe Acne in Adults?
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Adult acne resulting from hormonal fluctuations often occurs when women go through menopause, or either change or stop their birth control medications. People who take medications such as anti-seizure drugs, lithium or corticosteroids also have a risk of acne. Stress causes a number of responses in the body, including acne outbreaks, as stated by WebMD.

Several remedies are available for adults suffering from acne outbreaks. Washing the face a maximum of two times a day with a gentle cleanser is a helpful regimen. Either a baby washcloth (which is softer than standard ones) or a cleansing brush is the best cleaning surface, and using it for 30 seconds before patting the skin dry each time starts to rid the skin of acne, notes WebMD.

Over-the-counter retinoid lotions and creams both clear up the skin and reduce the incidence of wrinkles. Benzoyl peroxide also fights acne but tends to dry the skin out as well. While the acne is present, people who use cosmetics should choose ones with salicylic acid or with the terms nonacnegenic (meaning they do not trigger acne breakouts) or noncomedogenic (which means they do not block up pores) on the labeling, reports WebMD.

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