What Can Cause Rib Pain in the Lower Right Side?

A likely cause of pain in the lower side below the rib cage is liver pain, according to Healthgrades. Other possible causes of rib cage pain include a pulled muscle, chest injury, muscle spasms and bruised, broken or fractured ribs, states Healthline.

Liver pain is typically accompanied by swelling, severe inflammation, enlargement of the liver or another injury that adds pressure on the capsule that covers part of the liver, explains Healthgrades. Some of the conditions that can lead to liver pain include chronic hepatitis, liver cancer, liver abscess and fatty liver disease. Conditions such as ascites and gallstones irritate or put pressure on the liver, thus causing liver pain.

A person may experience rib cage pain right after an injury or slowly over a period of time, says Healthline. Inflammation of the lining of the lungs or rib cartilage and diseases of the bones are some of the causes of rib cage pain.

Rib cage pain may manifest without movement or may occur when a person breathes or moves into a particular position, notes Healthline. It is sometimes a symptom of a serious medical condition, which is why an individual should consult a health care provider immediately upon experiencing sudden pain above the navel and beneath the chest. Rib cage pain accompanied by breathing trouble, pressure in the chest or rib cage discomfort may indicate a heart attack.