What Can Cause a Raised Red Rash on the Buttocks?


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Fungal rashes often have a fiery-red color and spread across the buttocks, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Sometimes the color is more intense at the center, and the rash lacks a distinct border. Smaller, more distinct lesions sometimes appear around the larger area.

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People who take large doses of antibiotics or require long-term use of the medications are at a higher risk than others of developing a fungal rash, warns the Cleveland Clinic. Being overweight or having limited mobility also increases the risk. People who perspire heavily or are incontinent are at higher risk than others due to the moist environment of the buttocks under these conditions.

Fungal rashes can be treated with over-the-counter products containing 2 percent miconazole or prescription antifungal creams, advises the Cleveland Clinic. Applying a moisture-resistant barrier, such as petrolatum, can help to protect the skin. As the rash heals, it sometimes becomes dry and flaky. A moisturizing cream helps to reduce these symptoms. Barrier creams are also useful in providing protection after the rash heals.

When treating a patient with a fungal infection, the caregiver should wash his hands thoroughly before and after providing care. He should wear rubber gloves and treat the skin gently, advises the Cleveland Clinic. Before applying medication, he should use a soft towel to pat the affected area dry.

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