What Can Cause Leg and Foot Pain?


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Leg and foot pain can be caused by a number of different issues, according to WebMD. Some common explanations for leg pain include muscle cramps, shin splints, broken bones, a sprained ankle or knee, torn tendons or muscles, and blood clots. The Mayo clinic lists a number of possible causes for foot pain, including a broken toe, bunions, poorly fitting shoes, Achilles tendinitis, gout, calluses, ingrown toenails and plantar fasciitis.

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What Can Cause Leg and Foot Pain?
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Some leg and foot pains are short-lived, while others tend to be chronic conditions. A muscle cramp is a common type of leg pain, sometimes referred to as "charley horse." This condition is often caused by dehydration, heat or fatigue, according to WebMD. It is most commonly experienced by endurance athletes, people whose muscles aren't well-conditioned and the elderly. A muscle cramp can easily be treated at home. Usually, simply ceasing the activity will help to relieve the pain, says WebMD. If the pain continues, doing stretches and applying hot compresses to tight muscles or cold compresses to tender muscles may help. Regularly stretching and conditioning muscles before any exercise or strenuous activity can help to prevent future occurrences of muscle strain or cramps.

Leg and foot pain can also signal more serious problems, according to WebMD. Sometimes pain or injuries require deep examination and treatment. It's best to consult with a physician when experiencing any such pain.

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