What Can Cause Knee Ligament Pain?


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Knee injuries and direct blows to the knee result in knee ligament pain, states OrthoInfo. Injuries occur when a force pushes the knee sideways. A blow to the inside of the knee pushes the knee outwards, while direct blows to the outside push the knee inwards, injuring the collateral ligament.

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What Can Cause Knee Ligament Pain?
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Athletes are more vulnerable to knee ligament pain, which affects any of the four ligaments in the knee, says WebMD. Injuries occur due to several reasons, including landing on a flexed knee while jumping, twisting the knee on a planted foot, stopping abruptly while running, and extending the knee excessively. These incidents cause too much stress on the ligaments, causing them to stretch too far. Symptoms of knee ligament pain include pain at the sides of the knee, instability and swelling.

Treatment for knee pain includes applying ice, bracing and physical therapy, says OrthoInfo. Applying ice to the knee for 15 to 20 minutes helps relieve the pain. Patients should use braces to protect the knee from any sideways force that may affect the knee. Doctors recommend physical therapy to restore the function of the knee and strengthen the muscles. Surgery is necessary for a ligament that fails to respond to other treatments.

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