What Can Cause Itchy Skin on Contact?


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Certain foods, cosmetics, detergents, cleaners and industrial chemicals can cause itchy skin on contact, states WebMD. Perfumes, latex rubber, nickel metal and plant allergens, such as chrysanthemums and primroses, may cause itching. It may take up to two days for an itchy rash to appear in case of allergic reaction.

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What Can Cause Itchy Skin on Contact?
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Itchy skin as a result of allergic reactions is due to a reaction of the immune system being hypersensitive to certain plant or animal protein, explains WebMD. The immune system produces antibodies that fight these allergens, which eventually trigger the release of chemicals and hormones, such as histamine, that result in irritating rashes or swelling.

Other substances that can cause allergic reactions include chemicals used in tanning leather, hair dyes, hair straighteners and certain medications, notes WebMD. Nickel is usually found in belt buckles, watch straps and jewellery, while foods that cause skin allergy include citrus fruits peels.

Cleaning solutions affect the skin causing irritant contact dermatitis, and these materials worsen the condition if they stay in contact with skin for a prolonged time, states WebMD. A person suffering from other skin conditions, such as eczema, is more prone to contact dermatitis. People with itchy skin that is severe or does not heal after self care should consult a doctor.

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