What Can Cause an Itching Feeling in the Cervix?

Sexually transmitted disease, yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, menopause, low hormone levels and chemical irritation are all potential causes of an itching sensation in the cervix, per MedLine Plus. In rarer cases, the itching can be caused by cervical cancer or a skin condition.

Cervicitis is an inflammation of the cervix that often results in an itching sensation, according to Drugs.com. Chlamydia and gonorrhea are two sexually transmitted infections that result in this condition. Genital herpes and physical trauma are also possible sources. The condition can also develop into pelvic inflammatory disease. A doctor will need to do a pelvic exam for a proper diagnosis, per Drugs.com.

It is also possible that cervical itching is caused by genital warts even if no warts are visible, according to Healthline. The warts are caused by a form of the human papillomavirus. This virus is sexually transmitted, and there is no cure for it. However, the itching and other symptoms can be treated to make the patient more comfortable. Outbreaks may come and go over the rest of the patient's lifespan.

If there is unusual vaginal discharge, pain in the pelvis, constipation or frequent urination in addition to the itching, there is a higher possibility of cancer, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. One should see a doctor immediately if any of these symptoms persist for two weeks or longer.