What Can Cause a Hernia in Women?


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An increase in abdominal pressure from things such as lifting heavy objects, persistent sneezing or coughing, and diarrhea or constipation cause hernias in both men and women, explains WebMD. Poor nutrition, obesity and smoking may make hernias more likely to occur.

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What Can Cause a Hernia in Women?
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For a hernia to occur, there must be pressure and an opening or weakness in the muscle or fascia, according to WebMD. The pressure, such us from lifting a heavy object, can push tissue through the weak area of the muscle. Sometimes this area is present from birth, but it often occurs over time as a person ages.

There are different types of hernias, including an incisional hernia, which means the intestine comes through the abdominal wall following surgery, states WebMD. A femoral hernia is another type, and it frequently occurs in women. This type of hernia occurs when the intestine enters into the femoral artery canal. An umbilical hernia is common in infants, but it can also occur later in life, especially in women who have given birth to many children. A hiatal hernia is the fourth type, and it occurs when the upper stomach pushes through the diaphragm.

The standard treatment for hernias is surgery, but it is also possible to live with a hernia in many cases, claims WebMD. A doctor should regularly monitor the hernia.

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