What Can Cause Your Hands and Feet to Be Hot All the Time?

A number of conditions cause hands and feet to feel hot, including nerve problems, inflammation and infections, says WebMD. Diabetes and alcohol abuse also cause and complicate neuropathic problems in the hands and feet.

Many times, the neuropathy results from an underlying cause, according to WebMD. Hypertension and lyme disease are less-common causes of neuropathy-induced burning of the hands and feet. Damaged nerves create the sensation of heat in the extremities, because the brain perceives the damaged nerves as heat.

Nerve problems stem from various underlying causes, such as blood glucose or vitamin inadequacies, explains the University of Rochester Medical Center. Some patients inherit their neuropathy genetically. Other common causes include athlete's foot and skin infections that damage or tighten nerves.

In addition to diabetes and alcohol abuse, a poor diet leads to damaged or enlarged nerves. In most cases, the cause is not mental, says the University of Rochester Medical Center. A low thyroid can also create neuropathic problems. Non-neuropathic causes of a burning sensation in the limbs include peripheral artery disease and gastric bypass surgery. These conditions and procedures cause poor circulation. Gastric bypass surgery also changes the body's natural absorption of nutrients.

If the sensation stems from diabetes, the person might feel numb in the limbs. The person also might not feel temperature changes in the hands and feet in a normal way. A loss of balance and coordination often accompanies the hot feeling, explains the Mayo Clinic. In addition, diabetes might cause sharp pain and weak muscles in the body's extremities.