What Can Cause a Growth on Your Eyelid?


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A blockage in the eyelid's oil glands, bacterial infections,fat buildup and tumors are all causes of growths on the eyelid. Styes, cysts and xanthelasma are the most common types, according to Healthline.

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Styes and cysts occur due to the buildup of bacteria or a blockage and subsequent fluid buildup in the oil glands of the eyelids. Styes make the eye feel scratchy and sore. Cysts are usually painless but sometimes impede vision, depending on location and size, notes Healthline. Cysts and styes subside after a few days with home care or an antibiotic cream to heal the infection.

Tumors of the eyelid range from benign xanthelasma, which is common in older adults and those with high cholesterol, to malignancies such as squamous or basal cell carcinoma. Xanthelasmas are yellow or white growths made up of fatty substances and need not be removed unless they impede vision, notes Eyecare Trust.

Any eyelid growth that persists beyond a few weeks warrants medical attention, states Eyecare Trust. Georgia Eye Partners suggests taking seriously any cyst with accompanying ulceration or pigmentation. A firm, raised lump with a lesion potentially indicates cancer, as do prominent blood vessels leading to an eyelid growth. Cracked, bleeding or scaly lesions are the most suspect.

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