What Can Cause Forearm Pain?


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Common causes for forearm pain include injuries and inflammatory responses that trigger the pain nerve endings along the forearm. Certain diseases, such as diabetes, may also result in forearm pain, states Right Diagnosis.

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Forearm pain is characterized by discomfort in the area between the elbow and the wrist. Trauma to this region frequently occurs due to sports injuries, accidents, fractures, repetitive use and neural compression. Inflammatory conditions, such as tendinitis, phlebitis, tennis elbow and osteomyelitis, may also lead to forearm pain, notes WebMD.

Other known causes for soreness along the forearm include infections, golfer's elbow, shingles, peripheral artery disease, heat burn and chemical burn. Although infrequent, forearm pain is also associated with abnormal growths, which can be noncancerous or malignant, explains Health Grades.

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