What Can Cause an Eyelid to Twitch?


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Eyelid twitches have a variety of causes, with the most common being fatigue, stress, alcohol use and caffeine intake. Dry eyes, conjunctivitis, light sensitivity and blepharitis are also potential causes, explains WebMD.

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What Can Cause an Eyelid to Twitch?
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Side effects of medication and environmental irritants can also cause twitches. These causes are seldom serious enough to indicate a medical problem, and they usually subside on their own. Reducing caffeine intake, getting enough rest and keeping eyes lubricated can help relieve eyelid twitches, according to Healthline.

In rare cases, eyelid twitches could indicate a severe medical problem that requires medical attention. Brain and nerve disorders such as Bell's Palsy, dystonia, Parkinson's disease and Tourette syndrome are serious causes of eyelid twitching, notes Healthline.

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