What Can Cause Excessive Flushing of the Face?

Possible causes of excessive flushing of the face include menopause, rosacea, hyperthyroidism, panic disorder and fifth disease, according to Healthline. However, skin flushing is most often a normal physiological response to intense exercise, anxiety and extreme emotions, and not usually a medical concern.

Excessive flushing often accompanies hot flashes associated with menopause, maintains Healthline. During a hot flash, a menopausal woman feels sweaty and flushed with a sudden feeling of heat. The neck and head may turn red, and the whole experience lasts from less than a minute up to 10 minutes.

Flushing accompanies some types of rosacea, a chronic skin condition, states Healthline. Other symptoms include visible blood vessels and an acne-like rash. There is no cure for rosacea, but avoiding triggers, such as sunlight, alcohol and laser and light treatments help minimize symptoms, including flushing.

Flushing is one of many symptoms of hyperthyroidism, a condition in which the thyroid gland produces excess thyroid hormone, reports MedlinePlus. Other symptoms include problems concentrating, fatigue, weight loss or gain, an overactive bowel and hand tremors. Some people with hyperthyroidism develop an enlarged thyroid gland or thyroid nodules. Treatment options include medications, radioactive iodine treatment and surgery.

Flushing, sweating, increased heart rate, trembling and fear are among the symptoms associated with panic disorder, lists Drugs.com. Patients with panic disorder experience anxiety attacks that involve these symptoms on an ongoing basis, without triggers. Treatment options include psychiatric medications and psychotherapy.