Can You Catch Scabies From a Dog?


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According to WebMD, it is possible for a human to catch scabies from a dog. Scabies are mites that are passed along through contact with the affected animal, infested grooming equipment or contaminated kennels.

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Can You Catch Scabies From a Dog?
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WebMD explains that when female mites are on a host, they burrow under its skin to lay eggs. This causes painful itching. Within three to 10 days, the eggs hatch, and new female mites are soon producing eggs as well, intensifying the discomfort. If a dog remains untreated, the cycle repeats again and again; however, scabies cannot survive on humans for more than three weeks. In dogs, scabies typically affect the ears, elbows, hocks, chest and face. When a person has scabies, a rash usually develops around the waist.

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