Can Canary Seed Milk Cure Diabetes and Help With Weight Loss?

Consuming canary seed milk does not cure diabetes or help with weight loss. In fact, as of April 2015, the Food and Drug Administration has not made its own determination as to whether canary seeds are even safe for human consumption, according to its website.

Canary seeds are comprised of 24 percent protein and 7 percent fiber, and they have sparked interest in the scientific and nutrition communities, according to Prevention. Because the tiny hairs on the seeds make them indigestible, a researcher bred a hairless variety for consumption.

The bald seeds are gluten-free, as reported in an article appearing in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. However, in a letter dated Jan. 29, 2015, responding to a request by the Canaryseed Development Commission of Saskatchewan, the FDA has not made its own determination about the status of canary seeds as generally recognized as safe, or GRAS, for human consumption.

There is no known cure for either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, according to WebMD, but the disease can be controlled and placed in remission in some cases. The main ways to control both diabetes and weight are to maintain proper blood sugar levels with a healthy diet, exercise regularly and manage stress.